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1. It … Sunday evening.


2. Everybody looked tired and wanted to go … home.


3. Mr. Candy locked the door and … outside.


4. The weather … fine.


5. … sun was shining brightly in the cloudless sky.


6. He decided to go … home on foot.


7. The house he lived in was not far … and soon he was there.


8. … door was blocked by the police.


9. No matter how… , he couldn’t get in.


10. It wasn’t really funny because Mr. Candy … a date that night.


11. He felt … bit nervous


12. Then he suddenly … to see his father.


13. His father calmed him ... .


14. Mr. Candy realized that everything what … wasn’t really important.


15. “Things … happen”, he thought.


16. When he … next morning, he felt as good as never.


17. He made up his mind to start a new … .


18. Mr. Candy was sure that his life … change greatly soon.


19. An interesting story happened … my friends last year.


20. … painting disappeared from my friends’ house.


21. Let me explain how the situation … .


22. Somebody stole the picture, that ... in town the day before.


23. It was … heavy to hang on the wall and was left on the floor of the hall.


24. … wanted to go to the restaurant, so all stayed to have dinner at home.


25. The dinner smelled … good.


26. All Jim … that day was a sandwich.


27. “What do you think … your new painting?” – asked Bob.


28. “Oh, it is extremely expensive and beautiful”, … Jim.


29. After dinner he wanted … the painting but found nothing in the hall.


30. We didn’t believe him at first, but … he said was quite true.


31. The sudden noise… .


32. It was Rachel … arrived.


33. Why did she always … to see Jim at the worst possible moment?


34. … at the fact that the painting had disappeared, Rachel couldn’t say a word.


35. The thief was thought to have escaped by climbing … the wall.


36. In the morning Rachel persuaded me to play … tennis.


37. The match was abandoned after… .


38. Nobody felt … after what had happened.


39. The next day I … to a woman outside the house.


40. I … the woman’s voice at once – no doubt, it was Rachel.


41. I was about to … my chair during the talk.


42. Rachel … the painting and was ready to sell it at a fabulous price.


43. When I told everybody about it, she … a terrible look as if she wanted to kill me at the moment.


44. “Sorry, I meant to tell you that I … take the painting for a while, but I forgot.”


45. Such stupid ...we heard that we were shocked.


46. This was the first time Jim … her real nature.


47. She … out of the house and disappeared in the wood.


48. By the time we got to Rachel’s hotel, she … .


49. We couldn’t …how well she managed to get off with the punishment.


50. Suffice it to say that she never … and returned the painting.


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